Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Making My Mark

This weekend I made my mark on what used to be Josh's house and is now our house. I did a little planting to make it look a little more like home. Below are some pictures....I've had this barrel for about a month and a half now, and I finally got around to planting something in it this weekend. And just look at that beautifully mowed back yard. Josh does a great job keeping the yard trimmed usually every Sunday.
These flower pots turned out really good I think. The colorful flowerpots that I liked at the local greenhouse were $70-80 a piece, so I opted to buy some interesting clay pots at around $15-20 a piece and spay paint them ($3 a can).
I had to get a hybiscus plant. It runs in the family. (Mom and Jennie both have one.)
I'm tired of waiting on mom's starter plant from some of her hydrangeas so I purchased my own, in purple...not quite the color of my wedding flowers though (these are more of a lavender color). (PS-Mom, I still want that starter plant...I didn't purchase pink on purpose.)


Jennie said...

The flower pots turned out really well. All of it looks nice [even the lawn :-)]. I love hibiscus plants. I think they are so unique. Now the trick is to keep all of the flowers alive during the summer heat. Keep blogging. I've linked you to my blog now. And you can link me to yours so all you have to do is click on the link.

~holly said...
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~holly said...

the flower pots are really cute! and i absolutely love "apairofgills" that's stinkin' adorable. i've linked ya to my sewing blog. sewholly

Danielle said...

What a wonderful "homey" touch to add with the beautiful flowers. I am glad you posted the pictures so now I can enjoy them as it is too hot here for me to have anything outside this summer. It's really nice to see how the two of your are setting up home together. And I agree, you picked a great name for your blog.

Melissa said...

Your flowers look great! I never have look with flowers but I also have helpers who think they should pick the flowers so they can come inside:)