Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flower Pots Given New Life, Finished Flowerbed, Chair Given New Life, & Finished Purse

My flower pots that I painted two summers ago (on the left and right) started shedding their paint, so I gave them a new look along with the middle metal container that I purchased at a garage sale for $1.00. : ) I love cheap garage sale finds!

Don't those look so much better. Does anyone know how I can keep my pink hydrangea blooms from turning green like that?
Drum roll please...
Ta-Duh! Here's the completed flowerbed mulched without weeds! I was amazed at the difference the mulch made visually. I didn't expect it to make that big of a difference. It also made a big difference on flower growth and weed and grass control. Josh and I pulled all of the weeds and grass out of the flowerbed before we put down the thick layer of mulch, and I've only had to pull less than a handfull of weeds. My flowers started multiplying and increasing the number of blooms as well.
Do you remember this beauty that I posted a while back?
Well she's finally got her new lease on life too. Here's the new her:
I'm kind of proud of how my first re-upholstry job turned out. It took me a little while, but I really like how it turned out. This is going to be my new craft chair as soon as I get Lance, the mail man to sturdy her frame up with a few additional screws.And last but not least, I FINALLY tackled finishing the purse that I started on my Family Girl's Trip over Memorial Day weekend. It is complete with a inside zipper pocket and magnetic snap. This was my first time to do both a zipper pocket and a magnetic snap, and both were alot easier to install than I had anticipated. The magnetic snap was a little pricier than I expected though.

This Simplicity Pattern (2685) was super easy pattern. I would highly recommend it, and it has another cute purse pattern that I intend on trying out at some point. : )

Happy Crafting!


Jennie said...

The flower bed looks very nice. Once you mulch you'll never go back. :) The chair turned out really pretty too. good job!

alisha said...

Would love to have a nice flower bed like that! And your chair looks fantastic! I'll be recovering the cushions on mine eventually. Right now my chairs are being refinished with the table by our Awesome Uncle dewight. Love the purse too!

Cassie J said...

Lover your flower bed!!! I'm guessing you probably already got the answer on how to change the color of your hydrangea blooms, however, if you haven't you can add coffee grounds to the soil in that area and the acidity will change the color of the blooms. Your Aunt Jawana and probably your Mom can tell you more tips on that. We have the same problem with some of our hydrangea bushes. I kind of like the green color so I don't add anything to the soil.

Your chair looks great with it's new makeover.