Monday, June 15, 2009


For some reason not all of my Girl's Trip pictures downloaded from my camera. Luckily I realized it before I deleted them from my memory card. SO here are a few more pictures from that:

This is the original Iwo Jima in Harlingen, TX. Aparaently one of the men who raised the flag was from Harlingen.
Not too long ago, Josh and I bought new energy efficient windows for our home. Here are the before pictures:

Don't you love those screens?!?! Ummm, maybe not so much. Here are the new ones:
SO beautiful!
I went to a flea market at the State Fair with my friend Karlie two weeks ago and found this dresser. Isn't it so stinkin cute!! I love it. I didn't buy it right away but snagged it literally as we headed home for the day.
And as you can see from the picture below, my living room is the only room in our house that had open space. I think it fits nicely in the space though.
Shortly after being re-energized by my refurbished finding at the flea market, I finally finished up my window that I've had sitting in the garage for several months. I preped it and painted it antique white with chocolate brown crackles.
This is what it looked like after I finished all of the painting.
Here is a close up of the crackled detail. I still have a few things that I need to do to it. If you look closely at the picture below you will see that I broke one of the glass panes. My sister cut me a new piece of glass to size this past weekend so now I just need to redo the caulking so that the glass doesn't fall out. I plan on having Josh cut me some etched vinyl frames so that the glass will looked frosted and I need to decide what pictures I want to place behind the frosted frames. My sister also suggested that I incorporate some vinyl wall art, so I'm still throwing that idea around. I'll be sure to take a final picture after I get everything done and hang it on the wall.
Finally, I wish I could claim the flowers below as my own, but I can't. These are pictures of Mom's flowerbeds in Mission, TX. She always does a wonderful job corrdinating and upkeeping her gardening.

Have a good week!

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Jennie said...

Love that dresser!And the windows look really nice.