Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Making My Mark

This weekend I made my mark on what used to be Josh's house and is now our house. I did a little planting to make it look a little more like home. Below are some pictures....I've had this barrel for about a month and a half now, and I finally got around to planting something in it this weekend. And just look at that beautifully mowed back yard. Josh does a great job keeping the yard trimmed usually every Sunday.
These flower pots turned out really good I think. The colorful flowerpots that I liked at the local greenhouse were $70-80 a piece, so I opted to buy some interesting clay pots at around $15-20 a piece and spay paint them ($3 a can).
I had to get a hybiscus plant. It runs in the family. (Mom and Jennie both have one.)
I'm tired of waiting on mom's starter plant from some of her hydrangeas so I purchased my own, in purple...not quite the color of my wedding flowers though (these are more of a lavender color). (PS-Mom, I still want that starter plant...I didn't purchase pink on purpose.)