Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sewing/Craft Retreat with the Family

I hosted a sewing/craft retreat at my house this weekend for my family. We're a very crafty family. There were a few hiccups (my aunt's car was in the shop and delayed departure time by 3 1/2 hrs), but I think all in all it was an enjoyable weekend. Here are some pictures:
Cousin Holly used her serger to make little girls' dresses out of t-shirts and t-shirt material. Lane , my 2 year old niece, enjoyed measuring squares with Aunt Meagan's ruler.Jennie (sister) re-enforced a baby carrier canopy that she made for her friend, turned Lane's long-sleeved pajama shirts into short sleeves, and made a carring case for her new camera (without a pattern!).Grandma may look like she's asleep but her hands were embrodring away on some cup towels for Cousin Holly pictured above.Lane pushed buttons and supervised as MeMe (Mom) sewed an apron.Aunt Jawana made two whispy summer skirts. Here she is cutting out the black and white zebra print skirt.Cousin Kaylee had an art project that she had to work on this weekend. She sketched a picture of herself. She didn't finish it while she was here, but it was lookin good.Aunt Telia was our Head Chef Saturday night, her daughter Cousin Holly helped too, but I think she was serging again by the time I thought to get my camera! We had Sour Cream Chicken Enchaladas and Soy and Black Bean Enchaladas with guac and chips. Ummm-ummm good! Oh and of course Bentley alwas supervises the cooking and is happy to help with floor clean up. : )
Here are some of the finished projects:Mom's apron using Cindy Taylor's More Retro Aprons book. Super cute! Love the fabric that I picked out for her from Hobby Lobby. : ) I hope to use that fabric in my yellow kitchen in the future.
Aunt Telia made wall hangings out of t-shirts and canvases. This is the back of our girl's trip t-shirt from last year. This year's trip is fast approaching. Memorial Day weekend will be here before we know it! Can't wait. This is Jennie's canopy that she made for her friend and re-enforced this weekend.
Those of you who I missed getting a finished project picture for send me a picture, and I'll add it to my post!