Friday, December 31, 2010

Michael Buble

For my birthday this year, my hubby bought me Michael Buble tickets! I was super excited and even more excited when he told me the tickets were 10th row front and center. :) However, being a music concert amateur I didn't think to bring my camera with me, which was really disappointing because I could have gotten some really great pictures, but I was able to snap a few decent pictures with Josh's phone. Here they are:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shoebox Swap

I've been meaning to share these pictures for a while now. Back in July, Stampin' Up! had its annual convention for Demonstrators. I didn't attend this year due my quick trip to Portland for a very important friend's weddding, but I am hoping to save up for next year's convention as I have heard several wonderful things about it, and all of the pictures that I have seen make it look like the Disney World of Stampers. : )

Anywho, all of that to say that these are pictures of cards/3-D projects that I made at a Non-Convention Go-ers Shoebox Swap.

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flower Pots Given New Life, Finished Flowerbed, Chair Given New Life, & Finished Purse

My flower pots that I painted two summers ago (on the left and right) started shedding their paint, so I gave them a new look along with the middle metal container that I purchased at a garage sale for $1.00. : ) I love cheap garage sale finds!

Don't those look so much better. Does anyone know how I can keep my pink hydrangea blooms from turning green like that?
Drum roll please...
Ta-Duh! Here's the completed flowerbed mulched without weeds! I was amazed at the difference the mulch made visually. I didn't expect it to make that big of a difference. It also made a big difference on flower growth and weed and grass control. Josh and I pulled all of the weeds and grass out of the flowerbed before we put down the thick layer of mulch, and I've only had to pull less than a handfull of weeds. My flowers started multiplying and increasing the number of blooms as well.
Do you remember this beauty that I posted a while back?
Well she's finally got her new lease on life too. Here's the new her:
I'm kind of proud of how my first re-upholstry job turned out. It took me a little while, but I really like how it turned out. This is going to be my new craft chair as soon as I get Lance, the mail man to sturdy her frame up with a few additional screws.And last but not least, I FINALLY tackled finishing the purse that I started on my Family Girl's Trip over Memorial Day weekend. It is complete with a inside zipper pocket and magnetic snap. This was my first time to do both a zipper pocket and a magnetic snap, and both were alot easier to install than I had anticipated. The magnetic snap was a little pricier than I expected though.

This Simplicity Pattern (2685) was super easy pattern. I would highly recommend it, and it has another cute purse pattern that I intend on trying out at some point. : )

Happy Crafting!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wildlife Pictures (from our backyard)

Just thought I'd throw these out there. Here's my cool picture of a not-so-cool colorful spider.And there was a butterfly in the same area, so I took a picture of it too. Much more delightful to look at!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our New Kitchen Table (Finally!)

After holding out three or four weeks to find a new kitchen table on Craigslist and me not liking any of the cookie cutter tables and prices of Oklahoma City's furniture row, Josh and I found a table at a furniture store off the beating path for the right price.

We ordered our table and chairs and waited for them to come in a week later. We picked all of them up, brought them home and when we opened the table box, it was damaged. : ( Two of the screws had riased dimples in the table top so josh had to take it back to the store which is 45 minutes away, and then go pick up the new one that came in two weeks later after ours was returned for the new one. He opened the box this time to make sure this one was good before he got it home. : )

SO finally here it is!

Drum roll please...

Our dining room is back to normal! Now we just need to use it....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Refinished China Cabinet

I have been dying to do this post, but have been running short on time this week working on various other projects so this will be short.

Here is my Craigslist French Provincial Beauty: Look at those curves!
Over all she was in pretty good condition, but she did have a few rough spots.

Nothing a little wood putty and a coat of primer and some paint couldn't fix.
First, I disassembled all of the doors, drawers, and hardware. Then, I sanded the whole piece with a 100 grit sanding block.
Next, I did two coats of oil based primer, but later realized only one was necessary.
Two coats of latex paint and a little distressing (with 100 grit sandpaper) later, and here she is!

I wanted to keep the hardware as is, but one of the door handles looked significantly less aged than the rest so I ended up priming and spraying them with some bronze Rustoleum.

I'm really happy with how my first furniture refinishing project turned out! I have five others lined up ready for their turns....and two more I spotted on craigslist that I would like to snag. : )

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Patriotic Cake

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hummingbird Pictures

Tonight when I looked out my craftroom window I saw that one of our bushes was in full bloom so I went out to look at it and was surprised to see two hummingbirds. So, I ran back inside and grabbed my camera! Here's what I was able to capture: