Sunday, August 31, 2008

Additions Around the House & My Sewing Disaster

Here are a few of the little homey touches that we've added around the house...

Our engagement photo gallery in the living room above the couch.

My fabulous garage sale find last time i went to Texas. I paid five bucks, and I got something for our entry way!

Alas, my cross wall has begun. Of course it's in my craft/futon guest room because Josh wasn't too keen on the idea.


So I've decided that my sewing machine is junk!

One weekend earlier this month I was trying to make a weekend canvas tote bag out of some material that I had bought a while back, but I finally had to stop because I got to a point that the horrible stitches were no longer decently camouflaged. Here are some pictures of my problem.

My stitches are loopy. I've had problems with the tension on my sewing machine so I took it to get it tuned up hoping that would fix my problem, but obviously it hasn't. Jennie even gave me the recommended tensions from the manual (we have the same model) and after I adjusted it my strait line stitch looked like a walking stitch leaving footprints, which is also a problem that I've had before. It did help the tension problem a little though.

So, I've decided to ask for a new sewing machine for my birthday or for Christmas, and that I'll have to put down my sewing projects for now. It's too frustrating.