Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Music Builds Concert

For my birthday, Josh got us tickets to the Music Builds Tour this past Sunday when it came through Oklahoma City. The concert benefits Habitat for Humanity and features Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, & Third Day. Of the three I enjoyed Third Day's performance the most. I know you can't really see anything from these pictures because they're so little, but I'll pretend that you can. : )

Jars of Clay


The crowd...lots of people were there.

Third Day


~holly said...

super cool! i'll have to show these pics to kaylee. she's a huge concert goer person. i think she's a groupie personally. she's seen hawk nelson like 100 times or something like that. i'm glad you had a fun birthday!

Jennie said...

I assume you meant Third Day was your fav. instead of "Green Day". LOL

alisha said...

I was laughing at the Green Day comment as well! And Kaylee definitely needs to see! She has seen Hawk Nelson too many times to count. Awesome that you enjoyed your birthday present! Good one Josh! :)