Friday, June 19, 2009

My Etsies

Hey all you faithful viewers. Just wanted to take a post to point out my mini Etsies on the right side bar of our blog. Baby Bug Nugglet is my newest Etsy. As you may be able to tell from the name, it specializes in Baby Items.

Some may question how I came up with this I'll just take a moment to explain. I actually had to have it explained to me recently too. Bug Nugglet was my grannie's nick name for me growing up. I asked her last week how she came up with that name. She said that when I was little I LOVED chicken nuggets, only I couldn't pronounce nuggets so they were "chicken nugglets." Cute huh? So that's how she came up with nugglet. As for the "bug," her nickname for my sister was "Jennie Bug" so it's only fitting that she call Jennie's mini me "Bug" Nugglet. I think I may have overused the quotes, but you get the point.

Right now as you can see I only have sets of burp cloths listed, but I do plan on listing other baby related items such as fashionable wipe cases, nursing covers, diaper bags, etc. SO if you are planning on becoming pregnant or know of people who are pregnant or will be pregnant that you would like to get a gift for, please keep Baby Bug Nugglet in mind.

Also, I have my original etsy Meagan's Creations, which features jewelry items: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and right now there's also a bookmark. In the future, there is a chance that I may add other items such as laptop sleeves, tote bags, etc. (You can go to Jennie's blog to see a laptop sleeve that I recently made for her.)

Lastly, if you would like to request an item, I can do custom orders. You can tell me exactly what it is you are wanting, what color, and how much you are wanting to spend.

Thanks for reading my sales pitch. Have a good weekend!


~holly said...

all the stuff is CUTE! ryan's cousin just had a baby. i will order next week when i find out her colors. love love love the green and pink necklace and bracelet. thinking about getting that too.

alisha said...

Love the story behind the name! That's so sweet! And the products are great too! Too bad I'm always broke! :( -But, it is worth it to be home with my kiddos!

Cassie J said...

What a sweet story on the name for your new etsy site! Will keep this in mind for upcoming gift needs.