Thursday, September 17, 2009

Praise God

As you know from one of my previous posts, Josh and I have been trying to rent out our current house so that we can keep it a little while longer until the market improves. We've had it listed and signs posted for a few weeks now and have had lost of interest but no takers.

We were both starting to stress a bit over needing to find renters since we close on our new house tomorrow morning. I've been praying more frequently about it and trying to remain patient and trust that God would provide us with the renters that we need, and today He answered our prayers and gave us more than we had even hoped for.

Not that long ago, Josh called to tell me that a little old lady was trilled about renting our house. She absolutely loves it. She wants to plant flowers there because she enjoys gardening. She will be moving in the day that we had hoped to have renters by, and she plans on staying there until she dies or her children move her to a nursing home. She said that finding our house was a real blessing for her because she's been having trouble with bad neighbors and our house is in a really nice, quiet neighborhood.

She only had one request...that we paint the final bedroom that needs painting a light yellow....$25.00 for a can of paint, we can definitely handle that!

Josh and I are so excited and releived to know that the financial burden of paying two mortgages has been lifted and to know that God is looking down and taking care of us.

God is Good :)


~holly said...

God IS good!

alisha said...

Awesome! God IS good!

Tammy said...

Congrats! That definitely takes a load off the mind!!