Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My New Daily Driver

Josh sold my car a few Sunday ago so I had to get some new wheels. We bought me a brand new 2008 Glacier Blue Metallic Honda CR-V EX from a friend of ours that works as a salesman at one of the local dealerships.

It comes complete with steering wheel volume controls, iPod plug in, and wheels that are not hideous like the base model. I really like it and am looking forward do jamming out to my iPod as I cruise-control my way to Dallas this weekend!

OH YEAH, and I can’t forget to mention how nice it was of my husband to clean out part of the garage so that my new car has a home away from the elements.


Danielle said...

Cool wheels! How did you enjoy your drive to Dallas? I am really enjoying your blog and have to say that it looks like you two are settling into married life very well.

Jennie said...

Nice car...so jealous about the ipod hook-up, since I have my own red ipod nano now, that would be nice for my drive to and from Decatur. AND kudos to Josh for sharing the garage!

alisha said...

New cars are SO exciting! Our Kia is the first NEW- new car I've ever had. We've had it for a year now, and sometimes I still walk outside just to smile at it! :)

~holly said...

sweet new ride!