Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Baby Gift

I made these items for a lady at church, whose husband I help with the accounting and writing checks for our congregation. I don't know her that well, but I work with her husband on a weekly basis so I want to give them a bigger gift than I normally would give. This is an accordian album. I got the idea from my sister, who got the idea from a gift that she received from her friend Ashley. This project was the biggest little booger I have encountered in a while. It looks fairly simple and straight forward, and it was, but it took FOREVER! I thought this would take 30 minutes to an hour....no, it took more like 3 hours. I bought the supplies to make 5 more of these, but I'm not sure that will be happening any time soon.
This is the front view of it open.
And this is the open view of the back, although this could be decorated too and display pictures as well as the front.
I also made this baby wipe case. This was my first try at covering a wipe case, all in all, I think it went ok, and I learned some pointers for the next one that I make. I love this fabric by the way. I found it at JoAnns. It's not the print that I really wanted, but the one that I really wanted was flannel, and I thought that cotton would be better.
And of course as usual, I made a set of burp cloths in matching fabric.
I hope she likes it!


~holly said...

i love the accordian thingy. i would love to see it with pictures attached. cute cute cute fabric used on the burp clothes and wipes cover! so sweet of you to make those items for them!

Jennie said...

I can help you with the accordian books when you are here next time. Free of charge . Good job, by the way, on all of it.

alisha said...

LOVE IT! And I really do like that fabric, A LOT!

Cassie J said...

Accordian turned out really cute!! Your wipe cover turned out with a much cleaner finish than mine, will have to get with you should I ever attempt one again. I hear parents love them.