Monday, February 22, 2010

Tutu Fever

I made this tutu for Lane weekend before last.I was so tickled with the way that it turned out that I told a lady at church her granddaughter needed one if she didn't already have one, so I made this tutu this past weekend for her granddaughter's birthday, which was Saturday.
They're so easy to make, and they all turn out sooooo cute! I hope Lane likes hers as much as I do!


Danielle said...

Oh Meagan, those are SO cute! I love them both. Any chance I could talk you into making one for Lilly? Her birthday is coming up April 2nd and I think she would love one.

alisha said...

I'm so glad I hopped on here and was reminded of Lilly's birthday! I need to get to making her and Indyanna's birthday presents!!!

And I LOVE the tutu's, Meagan!

Cassie J said...

Adorable!!!! Can't wait to see a pic of Lane in this.