Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Have Been A Sewing Machine!

With the new year and the excitement of having more time to myself after I start my new job on Friday, I have been re-energized over the past week and have started to put a dent in my project pile. For those of you who don't know what a project pile is, it's a pile in the bottom corner of my craft room closet that is littered with fabric and patterns that I have bought, but have not had time to make. My sister found a scraf similar to this one while she was out shopping one day. She figured out how to make them and gave one to me. My friend Lori, pictured here, saw my scarf when I wore it to work one day. She really liked it, so I made one for her. They're really easy to make, the worst part is the type of fabric that you have to use. I only had to use half of the fabric to make hers, so I might make myself one like this too...that or I'll post it for sale on my Etsy. Although, I haven't had much luck with my Etsy.
These are some insulated flat iron travel cases that I made for two of the ladies at work. The three of us worked long hours mid-October through mid-December, which gave us lots of bonding time. So I made them these as a "we survived" gift : ) As of Friday, we all have turned in our two weeks notice....coincidence?...i think not.
And finally, this is my cupcake apron! I bought this fabric back in MAY, while I was in South Padre with my mom's family. I think it is sooo stinkin' cute! It doesn't really look that way in this picture with my black sweater, but it really is. This was my first time to make something with a ruffle. It was easier than I expected.
3 down 10 to go....along with a ton of the tune of about 3 years.
**Special shout out to my hubby for finding me software that I can view and edit my RAW format pictures in so that I could make this post!**


Danielle said...

Way to go turning out all those projects! I know how much fun you must be having with your projects. I love your scarf and the apron. Are you going to make up more aprons to sell on etsy? So, what is your new job? I hope you are very happy there and they treat you well.

Cassie J said...

Man you have been a sewing machine! Cut stuff. We love the scarf your sister disovered to, it was in the auction and was a popular item. Love the tab you added to the hot iron carrier, very clever! Good job on all the projects, like your fabric choices too!

alisha said...

Love it all! Your fabrics are great! I really love the scarf fabrics. Looks so great! And th apron is cute! That cupcake fabrics is awesome!

~holly said...

ya, tell us about the new job and the awesome not long hours it's gonna have....

great job on the projects!

so, i wish i would have known about your raw issues. i have some software too.