Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland Projects

Here's a picture of our iced over tree Friday morning.
And this one is the same picture but with snow falling. It snowed pretty much all day Friday, not sure how many inches we ended up getting. Lately, I've had trouble with losing my work key in the side pocket of my purse between business cards, not good when it's cold outside and my hands are usually full. So when I ran across this fabric key chain tutorial, I knew I had to make it. Now I have one place for all 3 of my keys! I made two, one for me and one for my Etsy.
My nemesis: the brown zebra print curtains. This was a very frustrating project, but in the end, it all worked out okay after several major and minor glitches. I have decided that I prefer to work with fabric one yard at a time. One of the reasons this task felt so daunting was the amount of fabric I had to work with. I had to clean my floor before I could get started so that I could do my pinning and ironing on the hard wood floors. I was really glad that we had these otherwise I don't know what I would have done. I made these lined so that they would have a more finished look and somehow my measurements for my lining fabric came out 2 inches short, so i had to hurdle that obstacle.
The second panel definitely went smoother than the first, so I think in the future should i decide to make these type of curtains again, I could do it more smoothly. But it will be a while before I decide to tackle curtains again, at least curtains this big.
The shears, which are also zebra print, I bought at Target. My friend Karlie has them in her house, and I couldn't resist added them to mine.
This is another tutorial I found online. I thought it was really cute, and it was super easy to make. Literally took maybe 10 minutes to make. I'm going to have to list this one on my Etsy though, because my head was too big for the pattern. It's all those brains I've been blessed with. : )


Danielle said...

Meagan, love the new curtains. Isn't it always that way with a new project. It definitely get easier as we go. Also, liking the new headband. That will be really cute when you make one for yourself. Hope you enjoyed the snow. It will be summer before you know it!

~holly said...

woo! love it all. the snow, the curtains, the headband.

really love the curtains. glad you overcame.

alisha said...

My big sister gave me one of those keychain things for Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Did you find a free tutorial online?
Love the snow, and the curtains, and the headband is gorgeous. You really should make yourself a bigger one like it.

Jennie said...

all excellent...Meagan, SUPER CRAFTER. Hope the weather eases up so you can come this weekend.

Cassie J said...

Wow your a busy bee. Very impressed with the curtains. I actually took a curtain class and after seeing all the material and space required, I said nope not for me right now. Love the key chain too it looks very well made. Like Jennie hope the weather eases up so you can come to town :-)